MATH32032 Coding Theory - 2018/19 Semester 2

Final feedback to 2017/18 students

My response to feedback received from students in May 2018

Feedback on the 2018 exam

Feedback and assessment

Coursework - for credit: this will be worth 20% of the final mark for the course. Coursework will consist of two parts to encourage students to engege with the material and to maximise opportunities for feedback before the final exam.

Part I (10% of the final mark):
a take-home problem sheet, released on Thursday in Week 05, due on Wednesday in Week 07 at 1pm (slightly later if submitted by email)
Part II (10% of the final mark):
online, Blackboard-based tests, released on Monday in Week 10 and due for completion by the end of Week 11

Formative assessment - not for credit: mini-class tests, with individual feedback, will be offered to students as part of the tutorials. Students can also get feedback on their understanding directly from the lecturer, for example during the lecturer's office hour.

Feedback on old exam papers: here.

Other useful information


EXAM: in May or June 2019 [80% of the final mark for the course].

ABOUT the course: here.

Dr Yuri Bazlov
yuri.bazlov, append AT and
2.220 Alan Turing building
office hours:
TBA. I intend to be available in my office during the office hours, but students may come to see me at other times as well, or make an appointment by email.