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Professor Roger Plymen

Professor Roger Plymen

Pure Mathematics Group

Room 1.211, Alan Turing Building
School of Mathematics,
University of Manchester
Manchester M13 9PL, UK
Tel: +44 (0) 7973 698510


Emeritus professor of Pure Mathematics at Manchester University

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Lecture Notes

Skewes Number

A Skewes Number \Xi is an upper bound for the smallest natural number for which \pi(x) > li(x). After a gap of 10 years, two papers on this subject were published in July 2010: Chao-Plymen and Saouter-Demichel. In addition, several students here (Christine Lee, Munibah Tahir, Stefanie Zegowitz) have made contributions to this topic. The smallest known value of \Xi is around exp(727.9513), a number with 316 digits. For a popular lecture on this topic, please click here. The recent article of Stoll and Demichel in Math. Comp. (2011) is full of lively interest.

Math and music

Saloni Shah, a former undergraduate, has written a superlative project on math and music: please click here.

65th Birthday Conference

For the poster and list of speakers, please click here.