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The Magical Books for Industry project is a pilot project aimed at creating a series of online Continuing Professional Development (CPD) modules on postgraduate level topics in Mathematics. The courses are chosen to be such that the material maximises interest to those working in industries such as banking, defence, and engineering. These are areas in which there are specific needs for CPD activities to enhance user knowledge in state of the art research. The courses are to be designed such that they can be readily accessed by users in their own workplace bypassing one of the major barriers of time and convenience for end-users. The novel aspects of the MAGICAL Books for Industry project are that the online material will be available in a live form, ie not only in conventional formats, but containing enhanced features such as the utility to access recorded lecture snippets explaining specific topics, simulations and question and discussion forums. The new features facilitates end-user engagement with abstract and difficult concepts which are often a barrier for users engaged in CPD activities on their own. The ability to access a lecture snippet can aid in helping to better understand the material, something which is not easily done by just reading in a standard book type format. The project is possible because of the planned use of the advanced Access Grid, video-conferencing technology successfully used in the EPSRC funded MAGIC project of which Gajjar is Director, and technology behind the recording which was developed by Manchester Research Computing Services, also partners in this project. The project is supported through funding from the EPSRC KTA grant to the University of Manchester. This project is led by Prof. J.S.B. Gajjar

Planned Modules

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