CHEN10072 Engineering Mathematics 2 (Semester 2 2017-2018)

Lecturers: Prof Bill Lionheart and Dr Michael Crabb

Course details

Course materials

Lecture notes are scans of what appears on the visualizer. Sometimes if it did not change much we will use last year's. Problem sheets will appear with answers a week after the questions are released.
  • Course overview.
  • Scanned notes from week 1
  • last year's scanned lecture notes sect 1
  • See HELM module 7 Matrices.
  • Problem sheet for week1
  • Problem sheet with answers for week 1
  • Scanned notes from week 2
  • Problem sheet for week 2
  • Problem sheet with answers for week 2
  • Problem sheet for week 3
  • Problem sheet with answers for week 3
  • See See HELM module 12.3 Newton Raphson Method
  • Scanned notes from week 3
  • Mathematica notebook on Newton's method in two variables. Also as a pdf file if you are at a computer without Mathematic installed.
  • Here is a diary text file of an Octave/Matlab session where I did a Newton's method example. It is a text fiel with the input and out put commands. Open it in a text editor then you can copy the commands in to a Matlab or Octave command window if you like.
  • Problem sheet for week 4
  • Problem sheet with answeers for week 4
  • It looks like you might need a bit of help with integration! have a look at the formula booklet especially the table of integrals! The whole exam formula booklet can be downloaded as a pdf. Work through the HELM modules in Section 13 integration. You should be familiar with partial fractions, substitution and parts, and you should be able to look up common integals from the tables.
  • Scanned notes from week 4
  • Problem sheet for week 5 ..and with answers
  • Coursework! Due Thursday March 15th by 1400 ESO (C62, The Mill).
  • Scanned notes from week 5 , they have some comments in red added after the lecture. See also HELM 3. Partial Fractions and 20. Laplace Transforms (HELM notes)
  • Scanned notes for week 6 with comments
  • Problem sheet for week 6 ..and with answers
  • Problem sheet for week 7 ..and with answers
  • Scanned notes from week 7
  • Problem sheet for week 8 ..and with answers
  • Scanned notes for week 8 with comments. Two Matlab scripts on (i) stability of imp vs exp euler stiff_scalar_ode.m , and (ii) accuracy of exp euler vs rk4 rk4_vs_euler_accuracy.m . There are a bit incomplete, but just for the curious among you to play around with.
  • Scanned notes for second revision lecture

    Exam paper from 2016., Handwritten answers (ignore section A/B !), Some answers checked on Mathematica (so you can see how to check any other exam questions you dont have answers to!)

    2017 Exam, answers

    Some feedback on the 2017 exam paper