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290. Małgorzata Czapla:
Invariance of Regularity Conditions under Definable, Locally Lipschitz, Weakly Bi-Lipschitz Mappings.


Submission: 2009, September 2.

In this paper we describe the notion of a weak lipschitzianity of a mapping on a C^q stratification. We also distinguish a class of regularity conditions that are in some sense invariant under definable, locally Lipschitz and weakly bi-Lipschitz homeomorphisms. This class includes the Whitney (B) condition and the Verdier condition.

Mathematics Subject Classification (2000): 14P05, 14P10, 32B20, 32B25.

Keywords and Phrases: o-minimal structure, weakly Lipschitz mapping, Verdier condition, Whitney conditions.

Full text, 24p.: pdf 259k.

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