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281. Doris Augustin:
The Membership Problem for quadratic modules.


Submission: 2009, May 22.

We prove that the Membership Problem is solvable affirmatively for every finitely generated quadratic module Q of IR[X_1]. For the case that the associated semialgebraic set S is bounded we show that a polynomial f is an element of Q if and only if f is nonnegative on S and fulfills certain order conditions in the boundary points of S. This leads us to the definition of generalized natural generators of Q and an algorithm which produces at most three generators of Q.

Mathematics Subject Classification (2000): 12E05, 12L12, 12Y05, 14P10.

Keywords and Phrases: quadratic modules, membership problem, positive polynomials and sums of squares, definability.

Full text, 27p.: dvi 193k, ps.gz 243k, pdf 358k.

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