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267. Elías Baro, Margarita Otero:
Locally definable homotopy.

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Submission: 2008, December 9.

In 'On o-minimal homotopy groups', o-minimal homotopy was developed for the definable category, proving o-minimal versions of the Hurewicz theorems and the Whitehead theorem. Here, we extend these results to the category of locally definable spaces, for which we introduce homology and homotopy functors. We also study the concept of connectedness in V-definable groups -- which are examples of locally definable spaces. We show that the various concepts of connectedness associated to these groups, which have appeared in the literature, are non-equivalent.

Mathematics Subject Classification (2000): 03C64, 14P10, 55Q99.

Full text, 33p.: dvi 163k, ps.gz 261k, pdf 346k.

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