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227. Alessandro Berarducci, Antongiulio Fornasiero:
O-minimal cohomology: finiteness and invariance results.

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Submission: 2007, May 23.

We prove that the cohomology groups of a definably compact set over an o-minimal expansion of a group are finitely generated and invariant under elementary extensions and expansions of the language. We also study the cohomology of the intersection of a definable decreas-ing family of definably compact sets, under the additional assumption that the o-minimal structure expands a field.

Mathematics Subject Classification (2000): 03C64, 14P25, 55N30.

Keywords and Phrases: O-minimality, spectrum, sheaf, Cech cohomology.

Full text, 28p.: dvi 147k, ps.gz 213k, pdf 336k.

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