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206. Marcus Tressl:
Heirs of box types in polynomially bounded structures.


Submission: 2009, January 6.

We characterize heirs of so called box types of a polynomially bounded o-minimal structure M. A box type is an n-type of M which is uniquely determined by the projections to the coordinate axes. From this, we deduce various structure theorems for subsets of Mk, definable in the expansion M* of M by all convex subsets of the line. Moreover we show that M* is model complete after naming constants.

Mathematics Subject Classification (2000): 03C64, 13J30.

Keywords and Phrases: model theory, o-minimality, real closed fields, heirs, weakly o-minimal, model completeness.

Full text, 37p.: dvi 271k, ps.gz 304k, pdf 458k.

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