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152. E. Bujalance, F. J. Cirre, J. M. Gamboa, G. Gromadzki:
On the number of ovals of a symmetry of a compact Riemann surface.


Submission: 2005, January 14.

Let X be a symmetric compact Riemann surface whose full group of conformal automorphisms is cyclic. We derive a formula for counting the number of ovals of the symmetries of X in terms of surprisingly few data of the monodromy of the covering of X over X/G, where G is the full group of conformal and anticonformal automorphisms of X.

Mathematics Subject Classification (2000): 30F, 14H.

Keywords and Phrases: Riemann surface, symmetries, ovals.

Full text, 16p.: dvi 62k, ps.gz 152k, pdf 169k.

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