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126. Ángel L. Pérez del Pozo:
Automorphism groups of compact bordered Klein surfaces with invariant subsets.


Submission: 2004, August 18.

In this work we get upper bounds for the order of a group of automorphisms of a compact bordered Klein surface S of algebraic genus greater than 1. These bounds depend on the algebraic genus of S and on the cardinals of finite subsets of S which are invariant under the action of the group. We use our results to obtain upper bounds for the order of a group of automorphism whose action on the set of connected components of the boundary of S is not cyclic. The bounds obtained this way depend only on the algebraic genus of S.

Mathematics Subject Classification (2000): 30F50.

Keywords and Phrases: Klein surface, automorphism group, upper bound, invariant subset.

Full text, 12p.: dvi 43k, ps.gz 114k, pdf 174k.

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