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77. W. Domitrz, S. Janeczko, M. Zhitomirskii:
Relative Poincare Lemma, Contractibility, Quasi-Homogeneity and Vector Fields Tangent to a Singular Variety.

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Submission: 2004, January 12.

We study the interplay between the properties of the germ of a singular variety $N\subset \Bbb R^n$ given in the title and the algebra of vector fields tangent to $N$. The Poincare lemma property means that any closed differential $(p+1)$-form vanishing at any point of $N$ is a differential of a $p$-form which also vanishes at any point of $N$. In particular, we show that the classical quasi-homogeneity is not a necessary condition for the Poincare lemma property, it can be replaced by quasi-homogeneity with respect to a smooth submanifold of $\Bbb R^n$ or a chain of smooth submanifolds. We prove that $N$ is quasi-homogeneous if and only if there exists a vector field $V, V(0)=0,$ which is tangent to $N$ and has positive eigenvalues. We also generalize this theorem to quasi-homogeneity with respect to a smooth submanifold of $\Bbb R^n$.

Mathematics Subject Classification (2000): 32B10, 14F40, 58K50.

Full text, 30p.: dvi 140k, ps.gz 196k, pdf 255k.

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