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70. M. Dickmann, F. Miraglia:
Algebraic K-theory of Special Groups.

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Submission: 2003, November 15.

Following the introduction of an algebraic K-theory of special groups in \cite{DM3}, generalizing Milnor's mod 2 K-theory for fields, the aim of this paper is to compute the K-theory of Boolean algebras, inductive limits, finite products, extensions, SG-sums and (finitely) filtered Boolean powers of special groups. A parallel theme is the preservation by these constructions of property [SMC], an analog for the \y K-theory of special groups of the property ``multiplication by l(- 1) is injective'' in Milnor's mod 2 K-theory (see \cite{Mi}).

Mathematics Subject Classification (2000): 11E81, 11E70, 12D15, 06E99.

Full text, 29p.: dvi 192k, ps.gz 234k, pdf 349k.

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